Bosgen Inc.

 Welcome to Bosgen Inc -- An AQSIQ registered company

The 90s of the last century and beginnig of 21st century marked China as a global manufacturing center. Bosgen Inc. was formed after we learned that there is an unmet demand for plastic raw and recycled materials in China. On the other hand, some of the special chemicals which are plentiful in China need to be brought to the USA. To meet this demand, and with the business philosophy of honest, integrity, and a sense of fairness, the company experienced significant growth in the past couple of years.

After many years of growth, Bosgen Inc. has grown into a company that has the following capabilities:
1. We provide recycling services (primarily for post-industrial streams) for manufacturers in the US. Our primary customers are in the east coast, midwest, and southern United States. We provide quick pickup, baling, and regrind services. Depending on our vendor's needs, we could drop a trailer at our vendor's facility.
2. We handle different kinds of plastic forms, including off-grade, virgin, parts, regrinds, bales, film rolls, purges/lumps, and sheets etc.
3. We have a capability to handle all of the following plastic items, but not limited to these items.
Commodity Grades: HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET, PS, PP, TPO, TPE etc.
Engineering Grades: PBT, ABS, PC, TPU, PA(Nylon), POM, PMMA (Acrylic), PEI, PPS, PPO, LCP, SAN, ASA, PEI, PEEK etc.
Alloy or co-extruded types: PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA, PE/PA films, PE/PA/EVOH etc.
4. We distribute some virgin plastics (CPE) and other plastic additives (FR-additives, UV-inhibitor, UV-stabilizer etc).

Your Partner in plastic recycling

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